French-English translator

Now you can translate a word from English to French and vice versa. This is a kind of mobile dictionnary. This service is available in France and in united Kingdom.

just send “english <french word>” or “french <english word>” to 20345(Fr) or 967482(Uk)

example :

Send ‘english souris’ to 20345 and you will receive immediately ‘mouse’ by SMS


cron SMS

this application can send SMS to multi-recipient at a given moment.

You can access to this application here:


Collaborative News

I have done a Small application in Flex for Paris subway users.

This application is here.

for each line, you can see all received SMS.

Example: A user can send :”metro 3 Saint-lazare Station is closed” to 20345(Fr) or 967482(Uk), and the information will be updated (if you refesh the screen, of course).

SMS blogging

This is an example of an SMS application. Thanks to, I can add some message on my facebook profil. I have just to send “Mike”+message at 20345(Fr) or 967482(Uk) and my profil is updated.


Wanna try? Click here

Blogging over SMS, Voice, and email

I have made an example of a simple blog intend to “people who have problems with new technologies“. In this website, you have three posibilities to post(include 2 without computer):

  • an SMS: send “colonie“+message at 20345(Fr) or 967482(Uk)
  • text Mail: send a text mail(no html) at
  • voiceMail: call and leave a message to the +33 (0)9 60 48 24 97

You can see the result here:


Voting Application by SMS

I have just created a new application on Facebook. With this application, facebook users can vote(virtually) to elect the future mayor of Paris.

Users have just to send “vote”+ last name of the candidate at the phonenumber 20345(Fr) or 967482(Uk).

Due to facebook security restrictions, Flash applications are not allowed to play on users profiles until they click on a picture.

This is the “splash screen” which contains the instructions to vote:

Profil Picture

Once user has click,the flex application gives the score. The graph are dynamics and are made with a picture of each candidates.

Flex Apps

To add & see , just click here

First Telco Facebook application

Today, we have realised our first Telco Facebook app. It is based from the current APIs from Orange ( / develop with Orange), and especially the Voicemail API. It also uses the Facebook API (of course).

The basic concept of this app is to provide a vocal discussion forum about a specific subject. As an example, we made an opened discussion about a rugby game. All the Facebook users of this application would share the same voicemail and the same number and would be able to discuss and react through the phone.

Here are some screenshots:

PassionRugby first screen

Add the application to your facebook account here